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    My very first blog! ブログ開始!&自己紹介

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    Dear all,

    I decided to start a blog for the first time in my life.
    When I got an offer from the government of Bhutan, my friends asked me to write about the life in Bhutan.

    Let me introduce myself.

    I'm originally from Osaka, Japan. After obtaining a bachelor degree from Kyoto University, I entered McKinsey, a management consulting company.

    After 1 year in Tokyo, I moved to the Frankfurt office. Because I don't speak German, I was assigned to English-speaking projects in Europe and the Middle East. The original plan was to go back to the Tokyo office after a year, but I ended up working for the Frankfurt office for 3 years as I was fascinated by the emerging economies and the excitement to work with people from different countries.
    During the period, I focused on the financial sector, and worked in Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Greece etc.

    To change my career to development, I quit the company and started studying International Development at the MSFS program (Master of Science in Foreign Service) at Georgetown University in Washington DC.
    I just graduated in May. During the program, I interned at the World Bank, IFC, and Inter-American Development Bank.

    When I was doing job-hunting, I found the Prime Minister Fellow position with the government of Bhutan. Fortunately I got an offer, so I will start working in Bhutan from September.

    I am planning to write about my study and consulting experiences as well.

    This blog has 3 objectives:

    1. Report the latest situation in Bhutan, where not so many people can visit. I will write about various things from concept and policies related to GNH (Gross National Happiness) to people's daily life.

    2. Share information to students or young professionals interested in careers in development

    3. Step back, reflect and deepen my thought and communicate

    I haven't decided yet how much I write in Japanese and English. I'm not sure how often I update the blog. I will get my pace as I go on.
    Any advice is welcome especially on my English grammatical mistakes. Thanks!!! 2011/07/27(水) 21:54:42 自己紹介・日記 (Profile, diary) Trackback::0 Comment::2