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    ブータン王妃・国王へお礼のメッセージ Essay to appreciate Their Majesties' visit to Japan

    I submitted an essay at the essay contest held at Her Majesty, the Queen of Bhutan's official facebook page to celebrate her birthday, June 4th.
    I got the award as I became the 10th in the contest!Seems I was the only foreigner in the top 10.
    A staff from the Royal Media office brought the award to my office. It was the beautiful picture of Their Majesties and the watch commemorating the Royal Wedding last year. They will be my lifetime treasure!

    Here is the essay I wrote:

    Dragon in your heart

    On March 11, 2011, the big earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan.
    Nearly 19,000 people died or are still missing.
    You can imagine how many people lost their families, friends and important ones.
    Even now, there are 340,000 evacuees from their original home. The number is almost half size of the Bhutanese population.

    Japanese people got devastated not only physically but also mentally.
    We didn’t know what to believe.

    In November 2011, Their Majesties of Bhutan visited Japan.
    They were flowers suddenly bloomed in the dry land.
    They were stars that showed direction to Japanese people who were in darkness.
    They were the true leaders that Japanese people have been longing for years.

    People had tears when Their Majesties prayed in Fukushima for the victims.
    People had tears when His Majesty gave an inspiring speech at the National Diet.
    The people’s tears were different from the sad tears they had when they lost their important ones from Tsunami.
    The tears were the happy ones to know that there were important leaders like Their Majesties to sincerely pray for Japan.

    Especially the story Their Majesties told at a primary school in Fukushima touched people’s heart.
    “Have you ever seen a dragon? Well, the Queen, and myself, we have both actually seen a dragon.
    A dragon is nothing but our personality. A dragon exists and lives in the heart of each one of us. A dragon thrives bigger and stronger as one grows older and accumulates experiences, and one must always be in control of one’s own dragon. I tell the children of my country to feed their own dragon. I hope you will feed your own dragon, too.”

    Not only the children at the affected area but also all the Japanese people were encouraged to know that even their tough experience would feed the growth of their personality.

    Their Majesties’ visit to Japan brought the two countries even closer than before.
    Many visitors are coming from Japan to Bhutan to appreciate Bhutanese people’s support to Japan.
    One college student from Akita, one of the prefectures in the north part of Japan, gathered “Thank you” messages from a few hundred people from the affected area.
    A Japanese artist who has been drawing dragons for years, painted a special dragon as a gift to Their Majesties.
    A 5-year old Japanese girl who got inspired by Their Majesties, brought “BHUTAN♥JAPAN” message card and gave it to Their Majesties at the Punakha Dzong. Now her dream is to be a wonderful person like Their Majesties.

    We, Japanese people, truly appreciate Their Majesties’ visit to Japan. I receive many requests from Japanese people to communicate their appreciation to Their Majesties and the people of Bhutan. Our dragons in our heart are growing thanks to Bhutan.

    We wish a very happy birthday with full of smiles, Your Majesty! Your dragon is getting bigger and stronger in your heart.

    Today I was featured at a Japanese magazine, AERA, as one of 10 Japanese living in Bhutan.

    All Aboutの記事一覧:http://allabout.co.jp/gm/gl/23650/


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