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    ブータンの夜這い文化 Bhutan's Night Hunting (Girls)

    Let me write about a fun and light topic this time.

    Recently an article about Bhutan's Night Hunting gathered an attention among Japanese net surfers. "Night Hunting" refers to guys' action to visit a girl's house to sleep with her during the night.
    Here is an abstract of the article, "A Japanese woman visited by 6 Bhutanese guys in one night":





    Yuka Katano, a novelist who has visited Bhutan twice, shared her experience:

    "When I visited a festival in a rural village, the King was visiting there as well. In my hotel, many government officials accompanying the King were staying.

    At 5pm, somebody knocked my door. When I opened it, a stranger was there, asking "May I come in?"
    Of course I said, "No!"
    But after 30 minutes, another guy came and knocked the door...

    6 guys came to my room in one night. The last one was a drunken middle-age man lol"

    (元記事) http://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20111129_72628.html

    Some may wonder if the article is really true. If you ask a question, "Is there such night hunting culture in Bhutan?," the answer is Yes.

    Guys who grew up in the capital city of Thimphu seem to have no experience, but most of guys from rural areas have tried it. Bhutanese guys suddenly get excited when they are asked about the night hunting experience

    Guys my age (around 30 years old) from rural villages started night hunting when they were teenagers, led by their older brothers or senior friends in the villages.

    Funny stories are mostly about their failures. Let me introduce some episodes:

    "In my village, most houses has only 1 big room where both parents and their daughters sleep. It was very difficult to sneak into the room without making a sound.
    When I managed to enter a room of a girl whom I liked, I found a candle on the other side of the room which light would disturb my attempt. I managed to blow the candle, but the father of the girl was standing right behind me...
    I ran away from the house, but the father threw a big stone against me. It almost hit my head!"

    "A father is always the biggest obstacle for night hunting. When a friend of mine managed to sneak into a futon of a girl he wanted, he realized that the person in the futon was her father who pretended to be his daughter. lol"

    "Once I got upset by a father who kicked me out from his house, so I locked the door of the house from outside as a revenge. Later I heard that he struggled to go to a toilet located outside the house next morning. lol"

    "Sometimes a mother is troublesome. In my village, a single mother was living with her daughter. Whenever I tried to enter their house, the mother deliberately made a fire. It was so frustrating!"

    "I tried night hunting once with my older brother, but I was refused by the girl I wanted. I never tried after that as I lost my courage..."

    "Some guys walked for 4 or 5 hours to reach other villages for night hunting!"
    When a colleague of mine said this, immediately other colleagues told me "That is his own experience!" lol


    "When I was still a teenager, one night we heard that in a house across the river a mother was away and a father fell asleep since he got drunk. We thought it's a great chance to sleep with the daughter in the house, so a friend and I went across the river.
    When we were about to enter the house from a rooftop, the father noticed us and shouted loudly. My friend got surprised and slipped from the rooftop into the river!
    I searched him in the river under the darkness. After a while, fortunately I heard his voice from the other side of the river.

    But when I reached him, his behavior was weird. He was saying something strange... You may not believe, but it seemed he got possessed by an evil spirit..."

    It seems you need to put your life in danger when conducting night hunting. lol
    Buddha would punish you if you misbehave.

    Guys have tried to sneak into this kind of house... I guess houses in rural areas are simpler though.)

    The phallus on the wall might have been put to avoid not only evil spirits but also guys coming for night hunting??)

    Some from other countries may find night hunting barbarous, but it was a custom in farming villages as a procedure for marriage. In Bhutan's many regions, land and assets are traditionally inherited to daughters not sons. A guy could get married only when a father of the daughter accepted the guy's visit for night hunting.

    It was common for a boy to get an agreement in advance from a girl during daytime at farming fields. In that case, the girl opened the door and welcomed the boy into her house, pretending to just to go to a toilet outside.
    If you haven't got the agreement beforehand, you need to get a girl's consent before doing anything.

    Everybody says that the culture of night hunting will die soon when electricity reaches remote villages. The government's 5-year plan targets 100% electricity coverage by June 2013.
    It is an example of losing traditional custom by modernization.

    Below two are other funny readings about night hunting, but they are written only in Japanese.


    If you get a chance to visit Bhutan, why don't you ask your guide about his night hunting experience. He will surely talk about it with excitement!

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